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S&C History Hallway

One of the main hallways of S&C’s Chicago campus is dedicated to milestones in its 100+ year history. When the “history hallway” was first installed, the photos and copy were vinyl cut outs placed directly onto a painted wall. Over time, a few issues developed: (1) Varying temperature in the hallway caused the vinyl to …

Annual Giving Campaign

Each year, S&C holds a fundraising campaign throughout it’s US team members to give back to the communities in which they live and work. As the 2018 campaign’s chairman, I created the campaigns’ strategy, project plan and visuals. The five-week campaign raised nearly $500,000 (in team member contributions and company match) for local and national …

Navy Pier Logo & Brand Standards

As the Marketing & Creative Manager, I established the Pier’s first logo guidelines document which evolved into a brand standards document in future years. This document was shared across the Pier’s tenants, sponsors, agencies and other vendors to ensure brand consistency.

2020 S&C Flu Vaccine Program

With the health and safety of S&C’s team members top of mind, a new flu vaccine program was needed to increase participation. As the Manager – Creative Services, I wrote a program proposal, received executive leadership approval, wrote communications, art directed the visual assets, then oversaw execution of the program and reporting over 12 weeks. …

Navy Pier Outdoor Electronic Signage

As part of Navy Pier’s redevelopment, the architect’s concept called for a set of outdoor totems to contain semi-permanent wayfinding signage along with a digital screen featuring directory and programming information. As Navy Pier’s Marketing & Creative Manager, I sourced digital signage vendors with heavy outdoor and all-climate experience to build specifications for the totems.